Fawn Lake Dam Replacement Start Up and Walking Trail Closure

Fawn Lake Map


Dam Reconstruction
As part of the Fawn Lake restoration project, work to reconstruct the outlet dam at Springs Road is scheduled to begin August 3. Dredgit's subcontractor, Bay State Regional Contractors, will have equipment staged at the dam to remove the existing debris and regrade the area for the new earthen dam. In order to perform this work, a cofferdam will be set across the end of the lake and water will be pumped around the temporary dam. Steel sheeting will be driven along the length of the dam to act as the new support. Specifics for this work are shown on pages C-4 & C-5 of the contract documents found on the Fawn Lake website (see link below). Due to the amount of construction equipment, the existing trail through the work zone will be closed. Please use one of the alternate trails as shown on the attached map.

Lake Dredging
The dredge work in the lake will also be starti:og up next week. The weed harvester will first cut the aquatic vegetation below the surface of th.e water and haul it to shore up the boat ramp. (The lake is not being drained). Once that material is cleared, the dredge barge will cross back and forth, making 6-foot wide cuts in the sediments which will be pumped to shore, screened, dewatered and trucked off site. Trucking of the dried material will be daily, starting at 8AM. 

Additional Information 
Due to social distancing, please do not approach the contractors with questions. We urge you to check the project information, previous reports, construction plans and proposed work schedule on our website at https://www.bedfordma.gov/department-of-public-works/pages/fawn-lake-pro...