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Streaming Live Over the Internet

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As a service to the community, the Town of Bedford operates an AM Emergency Advisory Radio Station that provides listeners with information about emergency situations, crisis updates, emergency weather conditions, and other town information. 

Bedford Information Radio is located at 1640 KHz on the AM dial. The primary purpose of this station is to inform the public of emergency conditions in the area and how to respond to them. An emergency could consist of severe weather or any other condition that could affect the public well being in the Bedford area. The station is equipped with emergency backup power so it can continue to broadcast important emergency information and instructions uninterrupted even during a power failure. Town officials recommend that each household maintain a battery operated or wind-up AM radio in their residence in order to listen to Bedford Information Radio AM1640 in times of emergency when power may be lost in the residence. 

In non-emergency situations, the station broadcasts information of general community interest 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Recorded messages play on a 15 to 20 minute loop and include such information as street repairs, public health issues, town meeting announcements, upcoming town events, safety tips, and other town information affecting the general public. As a FCC licensed non-commercial radio station, no commercial broadcasting is allowed. 

Bedford Information Radio AM1640, WQIZ 298, operates a low-power AM radio transmitter with a range of three to five miles radiating outward from the Bedford Town Hall. The AM radio in your vehicle and all new portable radios should be able to receive this frequency. Since this is a low-power AM station, you will most likely be able to hear it better during the day than you will at night, especially during the cold weather. For portable radios, an outside antenna will greatly enhance your reception from inside a residence or building. In addition, the radio station is streamed live to the Town of Bedford website so you can listen to its broadcast on-line as well. The radio station was acquired through Public Health and Emergency Management grants. 

For further information about the Town's advisory radio station, please contact the Town Manager's Office at 781-275-1111. 

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