Housing Partnership

The Bedford Housing Partnership shall implement fair and affordable housing programs and encourage the growth and maintenance of the supply of affordable housing within the Town of Bedford.

The Bedford Housing Partnership shall consist of nine voting members.  Seven shall be appointed by the Select Board for staggered three-year terms from among housing interests within the community that affect or are affected by housing practices such as tenants' associations, real estate concerns, banks, apartment managers, attorneys, veterans, civil rights and other special interest organizations, and local residents.  One member shall be designated by the Bedford Housing Authority and one member shall be designated by the Planning Board.

The Housing Partnership shall:   

  • Develop criteria for eligibility and assist in the determination of eligible applicants for affordable housing.
  • Investigate methods of land acquisition and affordable housing development.
  •  Investigate sources of funding for land acquisition and affordable housing development.
  •  Review all affordable housing proposals and make recommendations.
  • Recommend policy position statements, bylaw changes, and changes or additions to the Town's Fair housing Program and Plan to the Select Board, Planning Board and Housing Authority.
  • Identify problem areas and potential barriers to implementing the Town's fair housing goals, and recommend solutions.
  • Assist in the dissemination of fair housing and affordable housing literature.
  • Work to increase public awareness of the Town's responsibility to take affirmative action with respect to meeting the region's diverse housing needs, especially the needs of minorities, handicapped and female heads-of-households.

Regional Housing Services Office (RHSOhousing.org)

  • The Regional Housing Services Office provides the member communities of Acton, Bedford, Burlington, Concord, Lexington, Sudbury and Weston with affordable housing support and information. 

Board Members

Name Title
Christina Wilgren 2020, Chair
Alice Sun 2020
Katherine Moskos 2021
Jean Hammond 2021
Ellis Kriesberg 2021
Shawn Hanegan Planning Board Member, Vice Chair 2019
Jane Puffer 2022
Vacancy 2020
Vacancy 2022
Michael Rosenberg