Land Acquisition Committee


The purpose is to plan and carry out land acquisition projects for the preservation of natural resources, open space and future municipal use within the Town, and passive and active recreational opportunities within the Town. The Committee researches open lands within the Town, contacts and initiate discussion with property owners, and recommends appraisals, acquisitions and other land protection options to the Select Board and/or Conservation Commission.


In accordance with the 1997-2002 Open Space and Recreation Plan [OS&RP] and with the Community Action Statement of 1996 and with the 2002 Bedford Comprehensive Plan, responsibilities include:

  • Protect wildlife habitat areas
  • Develop and promote a public awareness program for conservation and recreation areas in Town
  • Preserve and protect historic cultural properties and sites
  • Preserve large tracts of undeveloped lands
  • Enhance the quality and variety of recreational opportunities both passive and active for all age groups and abilities in the Town of Bedford
  • Identify parcels for potential acquisition that would promote interconnections in the Town-wide trail system, public open space or wildlife habitat corridors
  • Identify parcels for potential acquisition that would be suitable for either affordable housing development or future municipal use.

Board Members

Name Title
Donald Cullis 2020, Chair
William G. Speciale At-Large, 2020
Neil McKenna
Michael Barbehenn At-Large, 2020
Amy F. Lloyd Planning Board Liaison
Emily Mitchell Select Board Member
Current Vacancy 2020
Arthur Smith 2020