Planning News & Announcements

Subregional Age-friendly Communities Planning

As part of a joint effort by the MAGIC subregion of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), Bedford declared itself an Age-friendly... more ››

Board urges support for Town Meeting Article 22 (ADUs)

Please see atachment for letter from Planning Board to Bedford voters, in advance of Annual Town Meeting which commences on March 23, 2020.

Fee Update

The Planning Board voted on February 25 to revise the fees that it charges for land use related applications. The new schedule comes into... more ››

Accessory Dwellings - public hearing and minor revisions

The Planning Board held its public hearing on January 14, 2020 as advertised, on the subject of a zoning amendment relating to Accessory... more ››

Next Steps on Accessory Dwelling Units

At its meetings on November 26 and December 10, 2019, the Planning Board discussed its next steps in relation to the Zoning Bylaw amendment... more ››

Questions and Answers on ADUs (Article 10 on Special Town Meeting Warrant)

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – Some Questions and Answers Q. Does the term ADU carry a different... more ››

Second Public Hearing on Zoning Amendments - September 24, 2019

The Planning Board meeting on September 24th will include a public hearing on a proposed zoning bylaw amendment that would allow the... more ››

Proposed Zoning Amendments Public Hearing - Sept 10, 2019

The Planning Board will hold public hearings during its regular meeting on September 10 (starting at 7:30 pm), to review several proposed... more ››

AG approves zoning amendments from 2019 Annual Town Meeting

Notice has been received that the Massachusetts Attorney General has approved the Zoning Bylaw amendments that were passed at this year's... more ››


Agenda items will be discussed during the next scheduled Planning Board meeting on June 11, 2019

Successful discussions held on Accessory Dwellings

The Planning Board held two successful public forum sessions on the subject of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on Monday May 13, 2019.

Forum on Accessory Dwellings - May 13

The Planning Board is reviewing the zoning bylaw that allows and regulates the ability to have a second or “accessory” dwelling unit in... more ››

Attorney General approves zoning amendments from Fall 2018 Special Town Meeting

 The zoning amendments that were passed at the Special Town Meeting on November 13, 2018 have now been approved by the Massachusetts... more ››

Zoning Amendment public hearing February 26- Restaurants in Great Road District

The Planning Board previously advertised a public hearing on a proposed zoning amendment, relating to restaurants in the Great Road... more ››


Due to predicted Winter storm the Planning Board had canceled this evening's meeting and will hear matters listed on the 2-12-19 Agenda on... more ››

Zoning Articles passed at Fall, 2018 Special Town Meeting

The zoning amendments that were moved by the Planning Board at the November 13 Special Town Meeting (as changed following the public... more ››

Zoning Articles for Special Town Meeting

The Warrant issued for the fall Special Town Meeting, which is to be held on November 13, 2018, includes three Articles proposed by the... more ››

Planning Board votes to approve several developments

 The Planning Board has been busy reviewing a number of development applications recently, and held and extra meeting on October 2 to help... more ››