Fee Update

The Planning Board voted on February 25 to revise the fees that it charges for land use related applications. The new schedule comes into effect on March 3, 2020. It includes applications under the Massachusetts Subdivision, Zoning and Scenic Road laws (and the related Bedford Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision Rules & Regulations and General Bylaw). The current schedule dates from 2011, since when costs have risen and some of the categories of application types have changed. The Scenic Road application fee is new but has been set fairly low. The new fees are based on a study of the actual costs of staff time involved in project reviews, covering both Planning Department staff and other town departments that provide comments for the Planning Board. The fees also take some account of other factors such as simple measures of the scale of projects and a desire to avoid disincentivizing types of development that may be preferred, such as cluster developments as opposed to conventional subdivisions.

To view the new fee schedule, please click on the attachment.