Puzzle Hunt Event in Bedford August 17th & 18th

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On Saturday, August 17 starting at 7 pm, through the night until Sunday, August 18 morning around 6 am, players in a weekend-long puzzle hunt will be at various places in Bedford.

From 7 pm until 11 pm, the Buddliner rail car at Bedford Depot is reserved.

From 10 pm until 5 am, four rooms in the Town Center are reserved.

We also have permission from the owner of Bedford Children's Center on Rt. 62 near Concord to use their parking lot for the duration of the Bedford portion of the event.

Approximately 180 people in 34 teams and some volunteer staff are expected. Each team will be driving separately, some in SUVs or minivans, some in larger vans. Team vehicles will have magnetic signs on the side similar to the one in the attached photo. A U-Haul truck and some volunteer staff cars will be parked in the lower Town Center lot. Teams are expected to arrive throughout the evening, not all at once. During the overnight period, we have directed teams to park in the upper town hall / town center lot, to minimize traffic on School Way.

At least one volunteer staff member will be at each site.