Animal Control

Animal Control Officer - Michael Leskouski

The services provided by Bedford Animal Control include; handling stray dogs, neighborhood nuisance problems, rabies concerns, and injured animals. The policy of the Animal Control Department is to respond to calls for injured animals regardless of the species. Injured animals are brought to the closest veterinarian to handle the call if there is no owner present. A stray animal is held at the holding facility for 7 days. After 7 days, if the owner has not come forward the animal will be put up for adoption. 
Dog Licensing: 
All dogs must be licensed within three months of age.
1 year - $15.00
2 years - $18.00
3 years - $25.00
Important Information 
If your pet is lost, it is recommended that you provide a description to your local Animal Control Officer and local veterinarians as well as those in surrounding communities.
Rabies concerns may also be referred to the Board of Health.
***If you no longer have your dog, please notify the Town Clerk so they may remove it from their records.