Select Board

The Select Board are the executive body of the Town and shall have the general direction and management of the property, buildings and affairs of the Town in all matters not otherwise provided for by law or the Bylaws.

The five Select Board members shall be the chief executive body of the town. They shall have all the powers possible for Select Board members to have under the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Town Bylaws, including powers not specifically set forth in the Charter.

Public Comment at Select Board Meetings
Members of the public are invited to contact the Select Board via email using the contact form found on this page. Select Board agendas will typically include a public comment period at the beginning of meetings (this is in addition to any public hearing comment period). Commenters are encouraged, but not required, to sign up ahead of time by emailing or calling 781-275-1111 with their name, contact information, and the topic they wish to address. Public comments should pertain to an agenda item, and speakers are subject to Bedford's guidelines for civil discourse (i.e. no defamatory, improper, or abusive comments, and no personal complaints against Town personnel or any member of the community). The Select Board Chair may set time limits per speaker (e.g. 3 minutes) and for the public comment period overall (e.g. 15 minutes), and Select Board members will refrain from addressing public comments prior to the relevant agenda item discussion.

Community Choice Aggregation
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Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Margot R. Fleischman 2024, Chair
William S. Moonan 2022
Edward Pierce 2023
Select Board Contact Form for Entire Board
Emily Mitchell 2022, Clerk
Bopha Malone 2023
Amy F. Lloyd