Real Estate Tax

MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPTER 60 SECTION 2 - "Every collector of taxes, constable, sheriff or deputy sheriff, receiving a tax list and warrant from the assessors, shall collect the taxes therein set forth, with interest, and pay over said taxes and interest to the city or town treasurer according to the warrant."

Bills are due quarterly (Aug.1, Nov.1, Feb. 1 and May 1), if you do not receive a bill 30 days prior to the due date please contact our office to receive a copy. Should the due date fall on a week-end bills are due the next business day.To pay your bill on-line click here. If you are a new owner, please be sure to notify the Assessors Office. The Assessors cannot change the name until a new deed is received from the Registry of Deeds but they will add your name to the mailing address so that you will receive future bills.

Your first two quarters are preliminary (based on the previous year). Once the tax rate is set your next two quarters are based on your assessment plus any betterments and liens.

Unpaid bills are subject to interest of 14% annually.