Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year has been an annual tradition since 1979.

The Citizen of the Year is honored by:

  • Riding in the Bedford Day Parade
  • Being honored at a reception at Old Town Hall coupled with the annual Bedford Minutemen Change of Command Ceremony
  • Participating in the Annual Tree Lighting each December on the Common
  • Participating in Pole Capping Day 

Nominations for the 2023 Citizen of the Year will open in July of 2023.

The complete list of prior Citizens of the Year is below. Where possible you can read a biography of past winners by clicking on their names.

Year Citizen 
2022Sarah Dorer
2021Lois and Brown Pulliam
2019Jeffrey Hoyland
2018Meredith McCulloch


John Linz
2016Julie McCay Turner
2015Peter Grey
2014Alma Pomponi
2013Ralph Hammond
2012Roberta Ennis
2011Donald Marshall
2010Robert F. Slechta
2009Joseph Piantedosi
2008Mary Narcisi
2007John Filios
2006Robert Mead
2005John Brown
2004Judith McConnell
2003Nick Genetti
2002Donald Corey
2001James Shea
2000Nancy Moore
1999James F. Sullivan, Jr.
1998George F. Dalrymple
1997C. Emerson Fox
1996Betsey Anderson
1995Doris (Mickey) Webber
1994Michael Rosenberg
1993Kenneth Sheldon
1992Marcelle Schnitger
1991Donna Argon
1990Miriam Adler
1989Charles W. Kespert
1988Mary Hafer
1987Lawrence Kimball
1986Fay Russo
1985John F. Perkins, Jr.
1984Louise E. Maglione
1983Harold I. Wellington
1982John Earl Dick
1981William J. Beecy
1980Alice E. Thompson
1979Louis H. Smith