Volunteer Coordinating Committee


The Volunteer Coordinating Committee shall recruit and identify qualified candidates for all appointive offices in the Town, except for appointees who work full or part time for remuneration and except for appointments to the Volunteer Coordinating Committee.


The Volunteer Coordinating Committee shall present, for each appointment made by each appointing authority, a list to the appointing authority of names from which to choose, including the incumbent if he or she wishes to be reappointed. No appointing authority may choose an appointee whose name does not appear on such list unless the three names have not been provided within 30 days. The Volunteer Coordinating Committee, however, shall provide additional names if so requested.

Board Members

Name Title
Joseph Piantedosi 2021, Chair
Patricia Carluccio 2022
Angelo Colao 2021
Jennifer Kelley 2020
Vacancy 2020
Emily Mitchell Selectmen Liaison