Mental Health Needs Assessment

The Bedford, MA Board of Health is seeking your help. We are assessing the mental health needs of the community, the barriers to treatment our residents face, and what mental health offerings the community might benefit from. We know that 55% of people who suffered a completed suicide in Massachusetts in 2015 had a documented mental health illness at the time. Those aged 15-24 have the highest percentage of mental health challenges; while those aged 45-64 have the highest percentage of treatment, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. We want to better understand the specific mental health needs in Bedford. Whether you are facing your own mental health challenges, are involved with another and their needs, or have peripheral involvement or insight, please visit to complete an anonymous survey. We are hopeful that the collection and analysis of this data will enable us to enhance current offerings and lead to additional community wide programming and interventions that would further support and enhance the mental health of Bedford residents. While we appreciate the thoughts and input from residents of other communities, this survey is dedicated to Bedford residents only.
We appreciate your time and input by completing the survey.