The Bedford Diaper and Personal Items Bank is Now Open!

You can Help a Bedford Family in need and make a difference in a child’s life!

Did you Know?
  •  EBT / Food Stamps do not cover diapers, wipes or feminine hygiene products
  •  Diapers can cost $75 -$100 a month which accounts for 10% of someone’s income who is living on the poverty line.
  •  If a Family cannot afford diapers then a baby may spend extended periods of time in the same soiled diaper.
Baby wipes, diapers of all sizes and feminine hygiene products are being accepted for donation. Diaper sizes 5 & 6 as well as wipes are in high need.

Donations can be shipped to:
      Town Of Bedford
      Youth and Family Services Dept.
      12 Mudge Way
      Bedford, MA 01730

To arrange a drop off or to request items, please contact:
      Christopher Bang, Community Social Worker at 781-275-7727 or [email protected]
*Adapted from St. Louis Diaper Bank Toolkit