Job Match Program

Students from the middle school and high school who are interested in working at jobs such as child care, yard work, snow shoveling or odd jobs may find a great job match with Bedford Youth and Family Services (BYFS).

Young people, who for a variety of reasons, including an after school commitment to sports, music or other school activity may not be able to work in the stores or private industry can find occasional or steady work with us.

Youth ages 13 – 18 may register with Job Match. While some youth may be inexperienced, many are not. The younger youth want a little extra spending money and this opportunity gives them practice for the world of work to come. The older youth may not want to get locked into a steady job and enjoy the flexibility of being associated with us.

Once the paperwork is completed, BYFS matches the student with an available job. We give residents who call us the names of a few students to call about taking the job. It is up to the resident and the youth to determine if the job is a good match given the resident’s expectations and the youth’s interests, skills and time. The resident and the youth negotiate the rate of pay, depending on the job.

Given the age and inexperience of these youth, the Job Match program is appropriate for occasional child care, yard work, snow shoveling and odd jobs like helping out at parties and light office work. We recommend professional help for larger tasks like painting, heavy cleaning, lifting, moving, using power tools and extensive landscape work.

If you have a job please call 781-275-7727.

If you are a youth or parent of a youth interested in a job,  Click here to apply online or Click here to download an application.