Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Manugian, David Director of Public Works Contact David Manugian  781-275-7605, ext. 4252  
Gagnon, Carl Highway Operations Manager Contact Carl Gagnon  781-275-7605, ext. 4253  
Pouliot, Nick Grounds Operations Manager Contact Nick Pouliot  781-275-7605, ext. 4254  
Raposa, Jason Water & Sewer Operations Manager Contact Jason Raposa  781-275-7605, ext. 4255  
Sprague, Mike Public Works Engineer Contact Mike Sprague  781-275-7605, ext. 4256  
Kennedy, Karen Information and Procurement Analyst Contact Karen Kennedy  781-275-7605, ext. 4260  
Antanavica, Liz Refuse & Recycling Administrator Contact Elizabeth Antanavica  781-275-7605, ext. 4261  
Rebecchi, Jeanette Transportation Manager Contact Jeanette Rebecchi  781-275-7605, ext. 4274