What are the fees?
  • Filing / Renewal of a Business Certificate: $35 (4 years)
  • Changes: $25
  • Certified Copies: $5
  • Photocopies: 5 cents / page

Cash, or a check made out to the "Town of Bedford", are the only accepted forms of payment. If filing by mail, please do not send cash. Credit and Debit Cards are not accepted.

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1. What is a Business Certificate, DBA (doing business as)?
2. Who must file?
3. Who must sign the Business Certificate?
4. How long is my Business Certificate valid?
5. What if I “go out of business”, change my residence; change the location of the business or want to change the name or owner of the business?
6. Does the filing of a Business Certificate protect me from others using the same name?
7. What are the fees?
8. Must I display a copy of my Business Certificate?
9. What is the penalty if I do not file a certificate or statement?
10. Where do I get tax information regarding my business?