What to Think About Before You Speak or Present at Town Meeting.

If you have a question about the article being discussed or if you want to share your thoughts, please go to any one of the four microphones in the aisles. Wait in line until you are at the microphone and are recognized by the Moderator.

Speaking in public is not something that comes naturally to most of us, so before you get to the mic, take a few moments to think through the point you want to make or the question you want to ask. If someone else has already made the same point you wanted to make, it is fine for you to say, "I agree with the previous speaker and I support the passage of this motion." Please do not go over what has been already stated.

Town Meeting is not a debate so there is no back-and-forth conversation allowed between you and another speaker or presenter. You can make your point, or ask your question. The Moderator will not permit a debate.

Please also keep in mind the guidelines for civil discourse that are recommended for Town Meeting. In short, they are:

  • Recognize a person's right to advocate ideas that are different from your own
  • Show respect for others -discuss policies and ideas, not people
  • Speak as you would like to be spoken to
  • Speak for yourself, not for others

View the complete Guidelines for Civil Discourse (PDF).

If you are presenting slides, please see the presentation guidelines to maximize accessibility and readability. 

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