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  1. Tax Collector Contact Form

    For questions regarding Real Estate, Personal Property, or Motor Vehicle bills use this contact form.

Community Events Calendar Submission Request

  1. Calendar Event Submission Request

    Please fill out this form to request a posting on the Town Calendar. The Bedford Citizen also maintains a Town Calendar, and your event... More…


  1. Bedford Away Book Listing
  2. Child Safety Seat Install Request
  3. Officer Complaint
  4. Speed Sign Request
  1. Business Emergency Contact Form

    In an effort to keep our files current, we request that you fill out the following information and submit it to the Bedford Police... More…

  2. Commend an Officer
  3. Public Records Request for a Police Report
  4. Traffic Complaint

Town Manager

  1. Entertainment License

    Under MA General Laws Chapter 140, Section 183A This license will be approved or disapproved by the Select Board. Town departments,... More…